Digital Savvy About DigitalSavvy

"It is about to change the way the business is done."


Build your Website, advice on usage and best marketing practices.           

 Augmented Reality

Starting Augmented Reality (AR) for any purpose, amazing stuffs.          

 Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a revolution way for entertainment animation using your smartphone by exemple.

 Dynamic Photos

Amazing new technology for your Photos. Dynamic images represent a greater range of luminance levels from real scenes.

Digital Savvy  Our Services

Digital Savvy offers guidance, experience and coaching in various organizations about Digital information with an efficiency way to achieve defined targets.

Agile Project Management

With Agile methodology, end users or customers receive an immediate result and are not lost in hypothetical ones. Agile gives to the customers the feeling of having a strong partnership and sees the evolution from idea to end product as an accomplishment.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is a revolution way to make outstanding fashion animation. From business cards, to bigger events.

Web Site

What is the best to market yourself or you company? A nice web site from which you can refer from any device, fitting any screen size with advanced technologies, and with a dynamic treatment for your photos. See show cases below.


With Digital Transformation, the key success is Design. Apple is our example, see how the hardware and apple software have been done past years. Apple inspired us and others. This continues in Mobile App Design and much more.

Consultancy Services in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is about mapping & understanding the customer experience, is driven by technology and also by the evolution of customer behavior.

Our Works

Digital Savvy Why DigitalSavvy?

Inspired by technology, creativity and digital transformation.

We provide our client with all new tools and technologies to make more profit.

Main focus: understanding what is your need, then compelling our best offer, telling you our best story. Deliver technology for result oriented.

We are a team of people and experts who are happy to deliver outstanding results.

Digital Savvy Our Show Cases

Let's discuss awesome ideas with Augmented Reality.
Ask for some more information about this added value, when events, on special products demo that can be enhanced with this famous technology.

3D Business Card

With the Augmented Reality, you may have more. Take advantage having more than others, with a 3D business card. Enter inside new technology with Augmented Reality.
We need only 2 photos from you in order to build your Avatar.

See more demo and videos on
When you decide to create or modernize your internet web site, issues are important. DigitalSavvy has the necessary expertise to help you in your project. With our technical competences and because of our graphical knowledge, we develop your communication tools on the web. Check below a pure RESPONSIVE Multi-devices Design like this one you are just surfing now.

Dynamic technology adds dynamic colours to your pictures. This is a special treatment that adds more "dynamic range" to your photos by dynamically increase the range of light and colours. We edit your pictures and highlight the best parts of each photo. That's making the difference for a web site as shown below. We offer this service to you based on a price per photo, please ask us.

From left with Original photo to right with Dynamic treatment.

Project methodology is one of the key success of your project implementation. Algile methodology provides the best option to keep customers aligned with their expectations. Of course, we use also standard methodology, like planning, design, develop, test and deliver. Agile uses the same pattern but in a much faster way, called sprints.